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About us

Flower of life Ibiza.

It is a clothing and accessories brand.

Designed by Laura in Ibiza, Spain.

She produces in different countries Selecting the best materials.

Work with Families of Artisans who use local techniques, such as Embroidery, which are timeless and are the reflection of the harmonious work between the Hands and Heart of each Embroiderer.

This is why Every Garment Has Its Own Soul!

Her collections convey a lot about her and her travels, as well as her life in Ibiza, where the beach, family, and country life are the main protagonists.

Since she became a mother, she also designs collections for girls, her own, and then for those that arrive at the store in the market.

“I like comfortable clothes, but that at the same time make you feel beautiful and feminine. They can be worn both for the beach and on a daily basis.”

In Ibiza you have a wonderful life! When I arrived on the island I felt in my heart that this was the place where I wanted to live...

And as I always say “live your dreams”, so I did.

This is how flower of life Ibiza is born, making dreams come true, of living surrounded by Sea, Countryside and Nature.

Flor de vida Ibiza refers to the Quality of Life in Ibiza! And to that Well-being that is felt when living here.

Find us at Las Dalias Market.

Thanks for your support.

When you buy from small family businesses you are cooperating so that they and other families can live.  of his Passion, and of his Art.

Welcome to my Store!

Love Laura